Industry weekend 2020

This year MIX COPENHAGEN LGBTQ+ Film Festival is launching a new series of events under the umbrella Industry Weekend. Our goal is to be a resource for local talent and boost queer independent cinema. As the biggest and oldest queer film festival in the Nordics, MIX COPENHAGEN is also aspiring to become a gathering point for industry professionals, where local filmmakers can meet international professionals representing different queer film organizations, festivals, distributors and producers.

MIX COPENHAGEN has been an event that has kept bringing together the queer community of Copenhagen for the last 35 years. An achievement, we are not ashamed to say, we are proud of.Our main focus has been to not only bring to Copenhagen the best queer cinema has to offer, but also to create spaces that cater to the needs of the local community. This will forever stay our main goal.

We believe, we can make the festival stronger and thus more beneficial to the local community and queer film industry by creating relevant industry events that would make MIX a prominent actor on the queer film festival circuit.

Queering the pitch

MIX COPENHAGEN has always strived to create space for our audience, so that you can experience the best international queer film art. This year we have set a new goal of not only bringing queer films to Copenhagen, but also creating more opportunities for local filmmakers. We are therefore proud to announce that on the occasion of MIX COPENHAGEN's 35th anniversary, we are launching a short film pitching competition in cooperation with Odense Film Workshop.

Our goal is to encourage all young filmmakers to create the queer cinematography that will be the benchmark for the next generation's local talent. We have therefore invited anyone with a relevant idea or manuscript to submit their bid. The competition is open to fiction, documentaries or short-screen web series that address relevant LGBTQ+ topics and themes.

The winning project is awarded an award in the form of an amount of 20,000 kroner for production costs as well as equipment rental worth 50,000 kroner from Odense Film Workshop. In addition, the winner will also be guaranteed a place in our Nordic Lights programme, which will be shown at MIX COPENHAGEN 2021. Nordic Lights is a short film programme that is not only a favourite of our audience, but also is shown at several foreign festivals every year. International exposure to the winning project is therefore guaranteed.

The competition takes place in two phases: the first phase is to submit a written application. All applications will be considered and in the second phase the selected will have the opportunity to pitch their project in front of an audience and a jury of recognized professionals. The winner will be chosen after the pitching phase on 25 October.

Pitching Jury

Birgitte Rask
Birgitte Rask is a film producer trained from Super16. Birgitte began her career at Bacon, where she gained international recognition and won awards from Tribeca to Cannes for films such as 'Almost Human' by Jeppe Rønde and 'Period' by Emilie Thalund. She now works as a producer at DR Drama with a focus on talent development and production of fiction for young adults. Birgitte has a soft spot for storytellers who want to make the world a better place with their stories.

Mette Bihl

Mette Bihl has a Master's degree in Economics. in Media Studies and subsequently many years of experience as a producer and arranger of mainly documentaries. In 2009, she was hired as a film consultant at Odense Film Workshop and later as director. The work has brought Mette around many festivals - both as a jury and as a presenter, just as it has given her a keen eye for the good visual narrative as well as the man behind it.

Nanna Tabor
Nanna Tabor works as executive producer at TV2. She is responsible for the purchase of fiction aimed at young adults with a special focus on web series and distribution. Nanna oversees the development, production and marketing of several series aimed at both web and television. She graduated as a producer from the Danish Film School in 2017 and has a BA in Business Administration in Media &Entertainment Mgmt. from Amsterdam. Before she took her two degrees, Nanna has 10 years of work experience working in the film and TELEVISION industry in the production department on feature films, series and documentaries.

Application deadline: Friday 16 October
Final selection: Sunday 18 October
Live pitching: Sunday 25 October 15:00 - 16:30
Submissions and pitches are accepted in both Danish and English.


How to pitch (talk + workshop)

Sunday 27 September · 14:00 — 16:00
House of Sound (Gammel Kongevej 11-13, 5)

Do you want to work with film, but you don’t know where to start?
In relation to the first ever MIX pitching competition Queering the Pitch, we are facilitating
an introductory event to give aspiring filmmakers the chance to get know a bit more about the competition and encourage them to participate. No prior experience in filmmaking is required to attend.

Join us for an inspiring talk about diversity in filmmaking by Moussa Mchangama, followed by an introduction to the practicalities of pitching a film project, led by Rikke Kolding director of the Danish webseries ‘Ondt i Røven’ and Patricia Bbaale Bandak director of among others the documentary ‘Ville Villekulla’.

We will finish with an open brainstorming session where you will be able to ask questions and get feedback on your script, pitch or idea for a project. The open session will be facilitated by Patricia Bbaale Bandak and Rikke Kolding.

Moussa Mchangama
Chairperson of Mino Denmark

Rikke Kolding

Patricia Bbaale Bandak

The event is in English.

Intro to Cinematography workshop (workshop)

Saturday 24 October · 12:30 — 13:45

The ‘Introduction to Cinematography’ workshop introduces aspiring filmmakers to lighting, camera, and lens technologies, and how they can be used to help achieve their artistic intentions.

The goal of the workshop is to spark the interest of everyone who loves cinema and wants to explore being behind the camera. The workshop will be led by independent filmmaker and cinematographer Simona Susnea.

The workshop is in English, is free and will happen online.

Queering online content (Panel)

Saturday 24 October · 14:30 — 15:30
Hotel TwentySeven (Løngangstræde 27)

With the panel we want to spark a discussion and help queer filmmakers navigate the new era of audiovisual production we are facing, with the ever-increasing significance of web series and web-first content.

This event is a conversation with several industry experts like directors, producers and screenwriters that have succeeded in creating exceptional online series. The guests will share their views and experiences in topics such as how to monetize web series, the particularities of web content vs the big screen and how to transition between those mediums.

Clara Mendes

Saadat Munir

Søren Green Nielsen

Ana David
Film Programmer

The panel discussion is in English.

How to Get Your Queer Foot in the Door (Panel)

Sunday 25 October · 11:00 — 12:15
Hotel TwentySeven (Løngangstræde 27)

The film industry is remarkable for its barriers to new players. Without knowing the right people, it can be tricky to navigate your way in. That situation is even harder for queer filmmakers, that also have to deal with all the obstacles of a field still largely dominated by straight-cis men.

With this panel, we want to give novice filmmakers their first set of tools to handle this situation.

Our guests will share their own experiences, learnings and advises on topics such as how to overcome the initial barriers and make contacts and what are the obstacles for a queer person to break into the film industry.

Andrea Kuhn
Festival director

Ester Martin Bergsmark

Mathias Broe

Paulina Lorenz
Screenwriter and producer

Tyler Luke Cunningham

Ana David
Film Programmer

The panel discussion is in English.

Find your crew! Speed dating (Networking)

Sunday 25 October · 12:45 — 14:15
MIX Lounge

"Hello, is it me you are looking for?"
We want to facilitate collaborations between film industry professionals with the goal of launching or realizing exciting new productions.

This is your opportunity to meet fellow film professionals to work on your project or you can find a project that is looking for your skills. Are you scriptwriter, director, cinematographer, or do you work with sound or light? It doesn’t matter, all skills are welcome.
The format of the event will be similar to speed dating where everyone will have a short time to talk to everyone else and make connections.

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For the first time in 2020 MIX introduces accreditations to the festival. Now all film industry professionals and press can purchase a festival accreditation. An accreditation is required to ensure access to all events during the Industry Weekend.

Accreditations give access to:
— All screenings during the festival
— All industry events

Accreditations cost DKK 500 and are only available to film industry professionals.

To buy an accreditation for the festival, you must fill out a form. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and you’ll, if you meet the criteria, receive a confirmation email along with a link to pay for it.

The deadline to apply for accreditation is 20/10/2020.

Local queer filmmakers

If you are a filmmaker from the community and you are based in Denmark, we want to hear from you. Regardless, if you are established or just starting your career, we would like you to be part of a network of local queer filmmakers that could share resources and opportunities with each other. As well as to be considered by MIX COPENHAGEN for participating in relevant debates, talks or other opportunities related to the festival.
Contact us at