'Live, Laugh - LARP' wins Queering the Pitch!

This year we launched our first ever short film pitching competition with the aim of encouraging filmmakers to create queer cinema that will help guide the next generation of local talent. The competition consisted of two stages, starting with a written application, followed by the opportunity to pitch their project live to a jury of renowned professionals and an audience.

We’re excited to announce that the winning project is 'Live, Laugh - LARP' written by Moyna Söderstrand and produced by Ole Henrik Fuberg Karlsen!

‘Live, Laugh - LARP’ has been awarded a monetary prize of 20.000 DKK to cover production costs, 50.000 DKK worth of film equipment rental from Odense Filmværksted, and a guaranteed spot in the Nordic Lights short film program that will be screened at MIX COPENHAGEN 2021.

We got in touch with Moyna to find out more.

Hi Moyna, congratulations on being the winner of our first ever pitching competition, Queering the Pitch! How are you feeling about your win?
Thank you so much!

I’m still kind of shocked. I’m very surprised and honestly didn’t see it coming. Everyone who pitched had such amazing projects and they could have announced anyone as the winner, and it would have been well deserved. That being said, I am very excited about it, and I dare say proud. Pitching is such a vulnerable experience and taking something that you’ve privately been working on and suddenly offering it up for judgement from a whole room of people, is so nerve wrecking, so it makes it all the more wonderful to know that your idea resonated with a panel of producers.

Moyna pitches 'Live, Laugh - LARP' during Queering the Pitch. Photo: Francesco Martello

Can you tell us a bit about your project?
It’s a short film about a young woman and a young non-binary person who meet each other at a sci-fi LARP (live action roleplaying), and fall in love while in character. Neither know how to communicate with the other outside of their characters, but we see their true intentions in the Larp as the characters that they play don’t hide who they are at all. It’s sci-fi and a romantic comedy, as well as a classic tale of opposites attract.

Wow, it sounds like a really exciting concept! What inspired you to take part?
I heard about Queering the Pitch, from a friend who encouraged me to apply.

The prospect of getting to pitch in a room where there not only would be other LGBTQ+ filmmakers, but also where my queerness would be the norm, was so overwhelmingly cool.
I love being queer and I love filmmaking, but I have had few experiences where the two go hand in hand without having to explain myself or argue my case.

Queering the Pitch was an opportunity to be in a forum where I would just pitch an idea, not my right to exist in a story.

Pitching jurors Birgitte Rask, Nanna Tabor and Mette Bihl announce 'Live, Laugh - LARP' as the winner of Queering the Pitch. Photo: Francesco Martello.

YES! This is exactly why we wanted to create this opportunity for LGBTQ+ filmmakers. So, what happens next for you and 'Live, Laugh - LARP'?
My producer, Ole Henrik Fuberg Karlsen, and I are in pre-production at the moment and are busy reaching out to cast and crew, which is really exciting. I’m doing final changes to the script, so we can send it out to the cast and crew come January, and then the real fun starts. We’re shooting in spring and we plan to have the film finalized by summer 2021.

Best of luck to Moyna and Ole, we can't wait!

You can keep up to date with Moyna and Ole’s work on 'Live, Laugh - LARP' on our website and social media.

Thank you to Odense Filmværksted for their generous sponsorship of Queering the Pitch and also to the pitching jury members Nanna Tabor, Birgitte Rask, and Mette Bihl! And finally, thank you to Empire Bio for hosting us!

See you in the dark in 2021 for 'Live, Laugh - LARP'!