In the spirit of Lesbian Visibility Day we decided to focus this weeks watchlist on films featuring lesbian lives, stories, and lovin’.

Image: Suzanna Kuhn/barbarahammer.com

Barbara Hammer
There’s an entire 10 film archive from the late, great, lesbian experimental film genius available online right now.
You can check out films such as ‘Tourist’, ‘Optic Nerve’ and ‘Snow Job: The Media Hysteria of AIDS’ by clicking here.

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'Nanette' by Hannah Gadsby (2018)
Stand up Special, honest and truthful conversation about lesbian love, gender identity and mental health. Be prepared to cry and feel some intense rage. Also, her new stand-up comedy special ‘Douglas’ is coming to Netflix soon.
You’ll find ‘Nanette’ on Netflix.

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'The Favourite' (2018)
Think historically inaccurate, wacky, period drama with lesbian sex – it’s very fun!
You can find 'The Favourite' on Viaplay.

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'Booksmart' (2019)
Two best friends try to cram a series of fundamental high school experiences into their last day of school. One of the most enjoyable things about this film (out and proud teenage lesbian heartache aside) is that it takes feminism among young people as a given.
You can find 'Booksmart' on Viaplay.

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'Rafiki' (2018)
Set in Kenya, this is the story of two rival politicians’ daughters, who fall in love. It’s a sweet love story, great drama and the film is filled with vibrant colors and beautifully shot scenes. A great watch!
You can rent 'Rafiki' on BFI Player.

Image: Memfis Film

'Fucking Åmål' (1998)
It’s got teenage love, small town boredom, swedish 90’s slang and a cute O’boy date. This is a groundbreaking lesbian coming-of-age film, that is as relevant today as when first released.
You can find 'Fucking Åmål' on HBO Nordic.

Image: Dino De Laurentiis Company

'Bound' (1996)
If you have only seen ‘The Matrix’ by the Wachowskis, do yourself a favor and watch this glorious genre-mashing piece of cinema. You get masterful filmmaking dripping with lesbian goodness.
You can rent 'Bound' on Blockbuster.

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'Pariah' (2011)
An important work of black LGBTQ+ cinema. This tender coming-out and coming-of-age film will certainly give you all of the feels.
You can rent 'Pariah' on Itunes.

Image: Dancing Girl

'The Watermelon Woman' (1996)
In this docu-fiction, Cheryl sets out to find everything she can about an unnamed Black actress only known as “The Watermelon Woman”, which leads her to finding more about her roots. Get ready for 90s vibes with pre-Internet research, VHS and the outfits.
You can rent 'The Watermelon Woman' on Itunes.

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'Kyss Mig' (2011)
Mia is engaged to Tom, but after sharing a hot weekend getaway with Frida, everything changes. Very entertaining!
You can find 'Kyss Mig' on Viaplay.

Image: Netflix

'A Secret Love' (2020)
Finally, if you want to continue your lesbian content fix into next week, Netflix documentary ‘A Secret Love’ comes out on Wednesday! We can’t wait.
You can find 'A Secret Love' on Netflix from April 29. April.

Stay safe, and happy Lesbian Visibility Day!