We know we’re all about the films, but there is just so much good LGBTQIA+ tv out there right now (and let’s face it, sometimes it’s good to binge) so we decided to put together a list of our top tv shows on streaming right now that have been carrying us through this last month of pandemic shut down (and where to find them!) to help you feel a little bit less isolated and a little bit more seen!

Image: Showtime

'Work in Progress' (2019)
Think coming of age story with a 45 year old dyke. It’s beautiful!
You’ll find 'Work in Progress' on HBO Nordic.

Image: HBO

'Euphoria' (2019)
High stakes drama, outfits to die for, and trans actors in trans roles!
You’ll find 'Euphoria' on HBO Nordic.

Image: Netflix

'Sense8' (2015)
Sci fi/representation/8 countries/hot sex scenes/trans director – all of the good stuff!
You can find 'Sense8' on Netflix.

Image: Netflix

'Sex Education' (2019)
High School drama, characters with a myriad LGBTQ+ identities plus frank and intriguing conversations around sex.
You can find 'Sex Education' on Netflix.

Image: Netflix

'Feel Good' (2020)
Mae Martin is a bisexual comedian who not only writes, but stars in this semi-autobiographical Netflix show. It’s about lesbian love, drug addiction and coming out.
You can find 'Feel Good' on Netflix.

Image: BBC

'Killing Eve' (2018)
Hilarious British spy drama which follows an MI5 security officer and an assassin that are obsessed with each other. Also features Kim Bodnia as the assassin’s very sweet handler.
You can find 'Killing Eve' on HBO Nordic.

Image: ABC

'Please Like Me' (2013)
20-something Josh Thomas dealing with his mothers attempted suicide and the realisation that he’s gay. Funny, beautiful, and heartbreaking all in one go!
You can find 'Please Like Me' on Netflix.

Image: TV2

'Ondt i Røven' (2019)
Tessa is moving to a queer collective in Copenhagen. This is important and beautiful representation of queer life in Copenhagen. Directed by former MIX’er Rikke Kolding and starring our very own Andrea Coloma. It is a must-see.
You can find 'Ondt i Røven' on TV2 Play.

Image: TV2

'Sex' (2020)
Great danish drama series from queer creator Clara Mendes about Cathrine who falls for Selma, while in a relationship with Simon. It’s sexy, beautiful and very well written.
You can find 'Sex' on TV2 Play.

Image: Netflix

'Tales of the City' (2019)
A beautiful story about a San Francisco queer collective and it’s tricky history. Think LGBTQ+ history lesson, with drama and stories you can feel at home in.
You can find 'Tales of the City' on Netflix.

Stay safe, and happy bingeing!